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Tips for Using Your International Drivers License

International Drivers License Tips

Driving in other countries can be quite the experience. It can also come with its’ set of headaches. has prepared some useful tips before you rent that car at your travel destination. Firstly, before departure, you can obtain an International Driver’s License certified document translation from It is recommended that you have on your person, both your International Driver License certified translation, as well as your Native Driver’s License with you at all times, since many countries have different driving rules. You should obtain a copy of the destination country’s driving regulations before you begin driving in said country. That type of information may even be available from the country’s embassy or consulates in the United States, foreign government tourism offices, or from a car rental company in the foreign country.

Green Driving Assistant (10/2010)
Green Driving Assistant (10/2010)

In some cases, particular countries require special road permits instead of tolls to use their highways (similar to the American interstate system). Authorities may fine those found driving without a permit. Always make sure “buckle up.” Most countries have penalties for seat-belt law violations and if they don’t, then you should have yours on anyways since those countries tend to have much higher accident rates.  If you rent your car, make sure that you have your International Driver’s License and you have purchased sufficient liability insurance. Insurance fraud in some countries is very prevalent and you may want to be extra caution and observant. Consider bringing a dash-cam with you on the journey.

If the drivers in the country you are visiting uses left-hand drive vehicles (such as the UK), you may want to first practice driving in a less populated area, before attempting to drive in heavy road or highway traffic. Always plan the route you will be traveling in advance. Have a good road map as a backup to your navigation system. Some areas do not have good GPS reception. IDL Center wishes you good luck on your strip and have safe travels.